Disposable Emails: Frequently asked questions

What are trashmails good for?

You know the problem, for every forum, blog, online game or social community in the web you are requested to give away your email address. You can't be sure what happens with it. Even with the best intentions, addresses might fall into the hand of third parties and you will receive regular "interesting" updates from the page.
If you are less lucky however, you have just enlisted yourself to endless stream of spam mails, that will start piling up in your inbox. Not cool.

The best strategy to mitigate this is not to give away your email address in the first place.
Just entering some dummy address in the website's registration form field won't get ou very far, though: Usually, the website will send a mail with a link for confirming your address.
So what you need is an address, that you can use once to receive this confirmation link and then forget it.

Fortunately, there exist a variety of services for this purpose and trashmail.org is one of them.

How does trashmail.org work?

With trashmail.org, you can give a website any @trashmail.org email and then check for new mails on the given address. No need to register with us first, we'll just receive any mails so you can find and open them.
Click your confirmation link or extract the content that you need and then forget the address!

What about security?

One thing you have to keep in mind when using any disposable email service is, that anyone who has knowledge of the address you have chosen can read emails that are sent to it. So you should never use any trashmail address for critical applications and choose and treat addresses like passwords.

To avoid abuse of stored emails, trashmail.org deletes all mails after a default time of one hour. You can change that time period to something between 10 and 600 minutes by choosing an address in the format of [email protected] with XX the number of minutes.

Of course, you can delete emails yourself immediately and even reset their lifespan to another full hour.

My email doesn't show up!

trashmail.org is extremly fast with making a mail available once it has reached our systems. Sometimes, things go wrong, but usually not seeing your email means, it has not yet been sent.
Please make sure, you have typed in the email address correctly and check if your registration process really has been successful.

That sounds great, how much is it?

Nothing. trashmail.org is for free. Always, no strings attached :)