The fastest disposable mails in town!

Tired of spam ond overly nosy websites? Just need an email address to quickly register somewhere? Simple, fast and secure?

Simply use any - address! You don't need to register that address first, just give [email protected] to any website that asks for it.
Don't worry about your data, all mails are permanentely deleted after one hour or you can delete them yourself.
To read any mail you have received, enter the address here:

Please use

Pro - Tip:

Want your trashmail to be stored more or less than 60 minutes? Simply use an address with +Xm at the end, with X is the number of minutes, stores your mails (10-600).

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It's fast!

If you are like us, you don't like to wait. To make your day a little bit better, we do everything to deliver mails as fast as possible. It takes only a fraction of a second from the moment, an email hits our server until it shows up on your screen.
Get back to what you wanted to do in the first place within seconds!

It's secure! is actively maintained by professional coders, standing on the shoulders of battle proven software libraries and infrastructure services.
Just make sure to use an unguessable email address, we make sure, your mails disappear for good as soon as they expire or you delete them from our servers.

It's different! aims to be a fast and free trashmail alternative. We actively develop new features, upgrade our infrastructure and try everything to make your experience as hassle-free as possible. Miss a feature? Have a question? Shoot us a mail!